Site makeover update

Things are starting to come together with the site now, I’ve added some new modules and moved bits around. I could do with some house keeping as I’ve discovered that some of the images on old stories are not displaying, probably because they was originally hosted on the gallery2 which no longer exists

I have an idea for a simple search query module that I’d like to put up, in essence its a Lug locater the idea is you’d put your postcode in and it would return with the email/web address of your nearest group to that post code. Seeing as I cant code or write scripts I was hoping some kind soul would have said “Hey thats a good idea” and helped me however after some promising noises on the Joomla forum and a fair few other groups I belong too I’m afraid I’m still waiting. There is now a proper Download section so as soon as I get get some stuff uploaded to the other server I’ll post some links.