Please please stop it

Before I say anymore this is just my personal preference, one
mans meat is another mans poison and all that.

What is this fascination with Black or very dark coloured
websites? Everywhere I go on the web just lately there are sites that are
either un-viewable or nearly impossible to read unless you turn the brightness
right up!

What set me off was a blog feed from Planet SuSE that I read this morning
regarding glTail.rb which is an application for
displaying your log files graphically using opengl this sounded like a really cool solution if you’re into graphical displays like
me. Unfortunately the site is yet
another black background affair, true a large portion of the text is white
which is OK for reading but all the important bits are red, pink and light blue
which is near nigh impossible, for me at least, to read.

To add insult to injury there’s what looks like a nice little movie of glTail.rb in action but I cant see that either or at least not properly, I can see some planets moving around and numerical data but I had to strain my eyes to see it I wonder how somebody with poor eyesight would manage? Don’t get me wrong I’m not picking on just this site there’s loads out there with really great projects but I wonder how many visitors to these sites with very very dark or black colour schemes leave after a few seconds because they cant read them?