openSUSE 10.3 64 Bit Review #1

What’s in the bag then?

Some of my friends have been hounding me to do a review of openSUSE 10.3 at least from a personal
perspective. It’s always better to wait a few weeks before saying anything
about new releases rather than racing to be the first to blog about how cool it
is that way any gremlins lurking around have a chance to come to the surface.

I always have grief with torrents they seem diabolically
slow to me so I plumed for the Network
via ftp. Because I only downloaded and installed the minimum packages
possible to get a working system as fast as possible it took me slightly longer
to get a full system up and running, silly things like sound system had to be additionally
installed and configured after my initial setup. Anyway everything went
smoothly the new feature of pre-listed
community repos
is a big plus simply tick the ones you want and away you