Rome, Open Source

roman-helmetI’ve just come back from spending four days in Rome. Normally I don’t do posts along the lines of “My dogs had pups” or “Here’s my new house” but I did want to share some heart warming observations I made while soaking up the culture of this historical city.

On arrival at our hotel I leaned on the counter during the book-in process and, as you do, I sneaked a peek at the computer desktop being used by the check-in clerk. “Wow you use Firefox and Open Office” I said. “O yeess we use a lotta free soft aware” (OK the accent wasn’t that bad but you get the idea) due to some mix up on my part I needed to print off our BmiBaby hotel booking so nipped over the road to the Internet cafe, yep you guessed it, more open source apps such as Pidgin etc and of course FF and oOo.

Without labouring on too much, pretty well every establishment that had a computer where I was able to nosey at the desktop was running at least one or more open source application of course those that didn’t have a Desktop-shortcut-icon may well have been using other programs as well but you cant exactly say “Oi what you got on there then?”. True everyone was running MS Windows, I’m sorry to say I didn’t see any Linux desktops, but at least they are halfway to being converted.