Linux Outlaws (Whats Going On?)

Hm so whats going on? My morning ritual consists of;

  1. Check POP3 emails.
  2. Check Feed storys.
  3. Check Google Mail accounts.
  4. Check Forums.

This morning (For me) the Linux Outlaws forum is down so I hopped onto the IRC channel #linuxoutlaws only to be presented with;

(11:12) < linuxoutl> Users need to logout so we can properly register this channel. Please don’t idle on this channel, and clear out.
(11:12) -!- Irssi: Join to #linuxoutlaws was synced in 1 secs
(11:12) < linuxoutl> Until we can get this channel registered, please stick to the LO Forums.

Thing is the LO Forums are down!