I’m KDE and I’m proud!

You know I’m getting sick to death of people who slag off KDE4 what an ungrateful bunch these supposed users are.

  • You didn’t pay for it.

  • You don’t HAVE to use it.

  • You’re more than likely not helping to fix it.

Yet there they are post after post kicking it and kicking it. I’ve used KDE since day 1 I’m not interested in the Gnome Vs KDE debate I’m interested in how KDE is evolving and in my view it’s awesome. I don’t care if it should have been called ‘Beta’ I didn’t stump up any money and buy it, has nobody heard of the saying “Beggars can’t be choosers”? You got for free!! Now play with it and tell the developers what’s wrong stop going onto Forums, Mailing Lists and Channels bitching about it in ever increasing levels of venom.

In my book when you pay good money for something you have a right to complain, when somebody gives you something for free you quietly tell them there is a problem with it not run round all your mates trying to score brownie points by saying “Huh look at what he gave me its rubbish”