Hooray! zmd removed

fireworks4Thank goodness for that openSUSE 10.3 Alpha4 is released and zmd has been removed the announcement was made on the openSUSE mailing list. For me zmd has always been horrible, it seemed to work fine for the first month or so on my 10.2 installation but now it takes a good 30 minutes or longer to finish any update or installation that I make.

I’ve reverted to using plain old YOU (Yast Online Update) for my updates but to be honest I was so fed up with it that at the moment my ‘notifier’ is currently showing 26 updates to be installed.

There’s some fantastic new features coming such as InstLux which apparently allows you to install Linux from Windows plus support for the Sony PS3 (Planned for Alpha5) I’ve no plans to download and install any of the Alpha versions I’ll wait for the full release, I’m planning on gutting my box anyway so that will be a good time to do a fresh install.