Getting things done

The last few days have been hard there never seems to be
enough time to juggle Work, Family and Linux stuff not forgetting everything
else that falls on your lap when you’re under pressure.

I finally finished the Time Trials that a certain ‘so called friend’ hounded me into conducting
this all started over a conversation regarding the Boot Speed of openSUSE
(64Bit) I’d said that it was comparable to ArchLinux whereby I was challenged to
put my statistics where my mouth was. Its taken me two weeks to complete with
loads of headaches, swearing and late nights, I was very surprised at the
results F8 came out on top as the overall winner from power on to usable desktop
I was expecting ArchLinux to be the winner with openSUSE a very close 2nd how
wrong I was.

The website has needed tidying up for some time now its so
easy to Bang-stuff-up without thinking about the poor individual who has to
navigate through the hoops you’ve created I’ve tidied the
Linux section and created a new menu structure, I’ve also updated some of
the content and I’m working on a new logo to replace the KDE dragon but I have
the Art skills of a two year old using the contents of a tin of spaghetti hoops
and a large mallet. If anyone fancies helping me out with it please get in touch.