FUD, Flames, and all that Jazz

You know I actually love the Linux community, yep its true,
I used to get all emotional when I saw things I didn’t agree with now I just
sit back and smile when I see stuff like;

“Red Hat is going proprietary! Burn the heretic!!”

“Novell has got into bed with MS! Burn the heretic!!”

“Debian coders are getting paid! Burn the heretic!!”

It reminds me of that idiot I saw on X Factor the other week (X Factor is a reality game show where wannabe
stars get up on stage and like a performing dog give excruciatingly embarrassing
performances in the absolutely, unlikely, hope they may become a superstar
he argued with everyone so much that the auditioning group slung him out, not
because he was a bad singer just he was a bad communicator, then blow me down
he was arguing to get back in the group!

Strikes me some people just like to moan.