Why are you not shouting?

The Linux community seems pretty poor at promoting itself in my opinion we are very good at promoting individuals and groups, “A-another has written an awesome script”, “Gnome has produced the best desk top ever” but when it comes to pitching our stall in the global market place all we can come up with is stuff like “Germany to install Ubuntu on every Government machine”.

Whats wrong with that? I here you ask, nothing but it reminds me of the old Communist method of properganda “10 Million Tractors have been built this month” “20 Billion tonnes of coal has been mined” that’s not really promoting its more boasting. We have a product that our rivals don’t have and yet are we promoting it? Not that I can see, I’m talking about Netbook OS’. Take 5 minutes to look at the amazing choices out there everything from Ubuntu Netbook Remix to Firefly Linux all specifically designed for your Aspire one or EeePC etc. Does MS have that? Nope, does Mac? Not for the minute no what these guys do is hammer on their standard OS pat the user on the head and stuff the cash in the bank.

I’ve seen moans that OLPC and EeePC changed from a default Linux install to a Microsoft based one what we should have done was demonstarrted why Moblin for example would have been a better choice than XP Home