Reverend Ted

I read with a tinge of sadness that Ted Haeger is leaving Novell Crying or Very sad

Ted is a great guy who I have in fact met and communicated with on a
number of occasions funnily enough only a couple of weeks ago during an
exchange of emails he hinted he was on the move I jokingly suggested my
hope that he was not going to Ubuntu.

Ted has always been a great promoter of opensuse and I for one will
miss him. Apparently he will still be maintaining his blog so the games
not over yet.

For the full details go to

Good luck Reverend.


Linux Chooser for Newbies

I came across a thread on the forum where a user was asking “What would be the right flavor of Linux for me? Every Forum and mailing list gets the same question from potential Linux
users every now and again they generally get
inundated with the members personal choice rather than the one suited to
them. The people at have created a simple test to help newcommers to find the one thats best for those tempted to take the plunge into the new experience of Linux.


I contacted the developers who have kindly given me permission to link to the test from this site it can be found under ‘My Linux Stuff’

a Linux distribution thats right for you can be difficult here is a
simple questionnaire which will offer you the best choices based on the
information you provide.
You can take the test by clicking here if something fails to work for you email them I took the test myself and had no problems.