ArchLinux VM Appliance

So I’ve been messing with ArchLinux for a few weeks now and I have to say I’m pretty impressed, true its not for the average new user but if you take the time to read the man pages, wiki and forum theres nothing too problematic and its an excellant way to learn Linux.


While doing a Google the other day I was surprised to see some requests for a VM of ArchLinux so set about creating one myself. I couldn’t get the installer to start with anything other than a Red Hat virtual hard drive, no matter, so long as the title is ArchLinux who cares?

The VM Appliance is available from the download section under software from this site and I have uploaded the details on Its a very rough install but is functional and will give a good glimpse into this addictive distribution.


Linux Tag

I’ve been trawling the uploaded photos
from Linux Tag to see if anyone I knew had been captured on film and low and
behold I came across some images of the redoubtable Mr. Jono Bacon, now there’s
no surprise there after all someone had to keep the Ubuntu stand clean.

What brought a twinkle to my eye was
seeing a couple of photos of Mr Bacon, obviously drunk, promoting the
wrong the distribution’s seeing as he should have been promoting Ubuntu.

1. Can I have Ted’s job please?

2. Ooh my head is spinning!