LugRadio is a Hit!!

lrl_thumb Wow, I’ve just got back
from LugRadio Live 2007 and its even better than last year, the LugRadio team
seem to get slicker every year and so does the event.

This time around the venue
was pretty up market for the hairy bunch of geeks descending on Wolverhampton
from as far a field as Canada. The doors opened promptly at 10.30pm where we
all edged forward with eager anticipation for the pearls of wisdom that awaited
us inside, shuffling to the desk with fifteen quid (£15.00) in my hand (My two
daughters came with me) I was duly handed a name badge on one of those neck
things and a goodie bag. Yes you heard me A
crammed full freebies such as
Red Hat tee shirt & jacket, software, pens, pads and much much more. It was
worth the five pounds each just for the free merchandise, as a mature
individual I pushed friends, who I have not seen in ages, out the way to be
first at all the stalls giving away more stuff.

missed out on the hand held WIFI-Finders Novell was giving away but grabbed a
hand full of leather notepads instead. It was great to see all my old friends from Wolves-Lug catching up on each others news, Ted Haeger and I had a brief chat at the coffee bar while he was re-working his presentation on Bungee Labs what they are about and what he does there.

I mooched round all the exhibitions and trade stalls, resisting the oreilly book stand, there must be a name for my condition, if I see an oreilly book I just have to buy it! Anyway I managed to thrust my hands deep in my pockets and walk past. Checked out the Myth TV demo and loads of other stuff.

The highlight for me was while sitting at the coffee bar (again) waiting for my daughters to return with their Hot chocolate fudge ice creams a guy came up to me, looked at my tee shirt and said in an American accent (Well he sounded American) “Hey Buddie I see you’re an ArchLinux user too?” I was over the moon, we chatted for about 5 or 10 minutes when his partner came and dragged him away which was a pity as I didn’t get his name or give him mine for that matter, so if you’re out there and reading this get in touch!

If you missed out this year get it written down in you’re diary for next year I’m confident LugRadio live is firmly slotted in the Linux community calender of ‘Must Visit’ events.


ArchLinux VM Appliance

So I’ve been messing with ArchLinux for a few weeks now and I have to say I’m pretty impressed, true its not for the average new user but if you take the time to read the man pages, wiki and forum theres nothing too problematic and its an excellant way to learn Linux.


While doing a Google the other day I was surprised to see some requests for a VM of ArchLinux so set about creating one myself. I couldn’t get the installer to start with anything other than a Red Hat virtual hard drive, no matter, so long as the title is ArchLinux who cares?

The VM Appliance is available from the download section under software from this site and I have uploaded the details on Its a very rough install but is functional and will give a good glimpse into this addictive distribution.