London Expo Postponed

LinuxWorld Conference & Expo London 2007 is Postponed

It was announced today that the LinuxWorld Conference & Expo London 2007 has been postponed until spring 2008. The decision follows feedback from potential sponsors and exhibitors who feel that the event is too close to the Linux Kernel Summit.

I’m pretty angry about this as was intending to actually go this year. This is not the first event that has either clashed or been affected by two or three events being held too close to each other. Someone needs to nip out and buy a calendar then maybe we wouldn’t get these overlaps or is that there’s just too many expo’s, conferences and exhibitions?

I don’t believe there’s too many just that the organizers don’t have an ‘Events’ calendar 😛


It's coming, it's in the trees

What’s that sound? Can you hear it? It started as a murmur you could hardly hear it above the din of others “The all new release” “We are pleased to announce” “This has got be the best yet”. It was wounded, some tried to damage it further, others wrote it off, followers left in droves but its coming! A fleeting glimpse here a whispered word there the murmur getting louder and louder.