openSUSE 10.3 64 Bit Review #1

What’s in the bag then?

Some of my friends have been hounding me to do a review of openSUSE 10.3 at least from a personal
perspective. It’s always better to wait a few weeks before saying anything
about new releases rather than racing to be the first to blog about how cool it
is that way any gremlins lurking around have a chance to come to the surface.

I always have grief with torrents they seem diabolically
slow to me so I plumed for the Network
via ftp. Because I only downloaded and installed the minimum packages
possible to get a working system as fast as possible it took me slightly longer
to get a full system up and running, silly things like sound system had to be additionally
installed and configured after my initial setup. Anyway everything went
smoothly the new feature of pre-listed
community repos
is a big plus simply tick the ones you want and away you


Irssi IRC Client


Most people use the IRC clients such as Pidgin, XChat,
kopete and many others for on-line conversations;
I’m quite keen on Pidgin but the other day I was introduced to Irssi which is a terminal based IRC client and
pretty brilliant in my opinion.

I spend a lot of time on various IRC channels and like most
users generally use a tabbed
so the feature that sold Irssi to
me was the ability to have all the
channels displayed in one terminal
, that way (If you have the time) you can
see ‘ALL’ conversations in ‘ALL’ channels jumping in when something takes your
fancy rather than scrolling back to find out what the heck people have been discussing
while you was in another channel. Plus it looks really cool with 4 or 5
channels printing to the screen all at once.

I’m still very much a novice with it but I have started my
own Installation and Usage HOWTO which I’ll add too from time to time more as a
reference for me than anything else.