Linux Outlaws

For the past couple of months I’ve been listening to Linux Outlaws its a fairly new podcast by a couple of guys, Fabian Scherschel and Dan Lynch, who create the show over the phone.


Dan lives in the UK and Fabian lives in Germany so its not as if they can nip round each others house on a Friday night for some cold pizza and a can of Tizer, I have to say the show is pretty good given that they openly admit they’re no experts and that the podcast is in its infancy. I’ve been listening for about a month now and each release gets better and better Its the usual mix of emails, news and reviews, possibly because its one of the new kids on the block they haven’t had any interviews or phone-ins yet (I think?) so come on people give em some stuff to work with.


There is a new forum for the show which already has some lively activity and also some merchandise such as tee shirts that can be purchased, $2.00 goes to the upkeep of the show which at today’s rate is £1.00, a pittance in my opinion. Hop over to and download the podcast or join the forum.


Linux Mint

I’m not a huge fan of Ubuntu,
I can’t explain why apart from some small personal-preference gripes however I
decided to have a look at Linux Mint and I
have to say I’m pretty impressed.

Its an Ubuntu-based distribution that try’s to provide a
more complete out-of-the-box experience by including browser plugins, media
codecs, support for DVD playback, Java and other components along with several unique
configuration tools, and a web-based package installation interface. As per
usual it’s a ‘Live-Distro to install’ release so at least you can have a look
at it before deciding if you want to install it or not.

Given that most Live-Distro’s run far better with 20 gazillion
Gig of ram I just headed straight for the “Install to hard drive” once it had
booted to the live desktop, the install is pretty straight forward with very
few questions apart from one weird problem I experienced, I don’t like ‘sudo’ and was pleased to see an option
that would let me have the generally excepted format of rootuser I chose
the root format but it seems that my choice was ignored for some reason as when
updating ect it asks for my password yet only accepts the user password not the root one I chose?

As per usual I had to faff around with the display settings
I have a VideoSeven 19” inch monitor that every distro reports wrongly they all
seem to think its 75 Hertz when its in fact 60 Hertz once I’d sorted that out I
could get on with playing with it. I love the theme, thank god its not that
awful pooh colour, I’m not a fan of black but in this instance it works very
well as you’d expect with an off-shoot from the Ubuntu clan it detected my
Nvidia 6200 card and offered to install the proprietary driver. Linux Mint has
its own ‘Updater’ which is pretty slick with a Numbered importance
level indicator
which is pretty
cool for less experienced users to
work out the most relevant updates, there is a facility to use the Web
interface to install new applications along with the more traditional Synaptic
as well.

Another cool feature is the slab
which has a scroll bar within the slab this makes for far better
navigation than the traditional slab menu’s we are seeing more and more of, old
users like myself who have become accustomed to the old ‘List Style’ menu will definitely
find this more palatable.

I didn’t run into any problems really so I’d have to say it
was pretty good for me and in my case I suppose could be classed as the
acceptable face of Ubuntu.