Who needs a computer?

Following on from a post by Aq (LugRadio) about HUD (Heads up display) for his glasses and some posts I did on the Linux Outlaws forum I decided to do a mock-up of a solution which could do away with owning a personal computer.

The idea is to have an on-line account with a virtual desktop provider such as G.ho.st


Bluetooth mobile phone Bluetooth keyboard.








Finally some glasses with HUD and Bluetooth



Santa gave me a Nokia N810 (Update)

Having played with my Nokia N810 for a couple of days now I need to update some of my criticisms.

Updating and installing software BE WARNED!!

If you update the software it will wipe your N810 and act as a fresh factory install!!
By going on the Nokia website I found the software to download and install on your computer you then use the infamous USB data cable to update your software, basically it wipes EVERYTHING installs the latest base system you then have to re-install all the applications and tools you chose before the update, reconfigure them.

This is bad really bad it talks about backing up your data but not your settings I doubt I will update again for a long time, I didn’t mind too much as I had only had it a few days so it didn’t take too long to set mine up agin but if I had of been three or four months down the line I’d have been pretty pissed off.

Transfer Data

I found out how to transfer data, you need to create a share on your computer (I did this on Windows not sure if its the same for Linux) the N810 should detect it (Mine did) you can then copy stuff over via the share. Alternativley if you purchase a mini SD card (I bought a 2GB one from Currys £19.00) and have a card reader you can plonk stuff on the card via the reader then stick the card in your N810 and transfer it that way.

I still think you should have some sort of file manager software you can install on your PC so that you can transfer stuff via the USB data cable.
Updated Summary
I still love it and every day I’m getting more used to it, I’ve yet to try out the voip feature or the Bluetooth phone connection. I’d like to see if it picks up some free wifi connection like Birmingham airport so thats on my ToDo list. Oh and the GPS Satellite works I think some Russian spy one picked me up with strength 2