openSUSE mail glitch

Last week I received an email telling me I had been deleted
from the openSUSE mailing list!

“What? Why? What have I done? Having just received my
lost you English pig
” letter from I was getting a bit miffed
to say the least. As it happens it would appear there was some glitch on the
mail servers and I was one of the unlucky ones who got my arse booted out.

The names of those responsible have been noted, the prisons
begin to swell, executions are moving along swiftly!

executioner.jpg“There was a maintenance
process hanging (undetected) for a very long time. This process continued a
couple of minutes ago.

Unfortunately because of the long delay some calculations went wrong
(bounce times). This had the effect that the list software may have you
unsubscribed. Please
check your subscriptions. To do so you can simply subscribe again by sending a
mail to <listname> In case your are still subscribed
the system will tell you about it. In case you are not anymore subscription is
exactly what you want

for the inconvenience. The underlying problem has been fixed.”