Joomla gets runner up

I’ve nothing against Drupal its just I prefer Joomla which got me thinking, what’s the difference? I mean too the viewer, the hapless person who stumbles on your website. Do they care what your site is? It’s the content and possibly layout they care about its not as if there is some sort of pop-up…

Blogs, feeds and Joomla

I’ve been messing with the website again after moving one or two modules around and removing odd bits I decided to get one of these FreeBurner! accounts I ‘ve been hearing about.

Feed Burner Supposedly this will attract more visitors which would be nice, I then hopped over to and lashed out £30.00 on the RSS Feeder module. I really like iJoomla’s stuff I’ve already purchased the Archive module from them and was really pleased so was sort of happy spending the money on the RSS Feeder.

It links into the FeedBurner account and allows you to manage your sites feeds from a ‘component’ Admin panel in the back end of your Joomla website. Not very OpenSource I know but pretty cool all the same.