meoggcamp13bwI have worked in the IT industry since 1999 mostly in the Microsoft/Windows field. I started using Red Hat Linux around 2000 and then became one of the ‘distro hoppers’ using pretty much most of the Linux flavours out there. In 2007 I started using Arch Linux to improve my understanding of what goes on ‘under the hood’ of Linux but more recently have gone back to the Fedora fold for my day-to-day usage.

While I’m no expert I do have a wealth of ‘hands-on’ experience with Linux and Linux systems however I see myself more as a Linux Advocate with a special interest in cross-platform compatibility but more importantly a strong exponent of Creative Commons and the use thereof.

In 2011 I started a podcast along with Matthew Copperwaite called The Dick Turpin Road Show a pretty adult themed, loosely Linux-based show with a strong emphasis on having a laugh especially at the expense of other people.

I’m currently a member of a number of Linux-based mailing lists and Forums but you’re most likely find me dick_turpin on I am Married with twin daughters.