A round-up of the weeks Social Media interactions. Some are funny, some you’ll need to read the conversation to understand the context.


Donald Trump: The man is still enjoying “Yes Mr President” at the time of posting this.



@Luke seems to know far too much about Strap-Ons? Source

@basil was nice and started out with “All joking aside…” we are very afraid. Source

@amerika said it’s a small world. I seem to know a lot of people with small things lately. Source

@penguin42 said we need more snakes if we want lower numbers; this is a brilliant example of different people wanting different things. More ladders = stronger economy. Source

@wyliecoyoteuk wants to burn Farage! Mind you, he wants to burn just about everyone these days so at least he’s not biased. Source

@tpheine thinks toilet paper as a Christmas present is a good idea. Doesn’t he know what swapping pape is for? Unless it’s that shiny stuff of course or has glitter on it! Source

@silkevicious suggested we buy the new Raspberry Pi 400. We have no interest in it TBH although the bundle is awesome. Source

@pertho liked our FitPi Source

@jkb told us about DistroTube we totally misread his post and called it a fork 🤦‍♂️ Source

@dekkzz78 knows the Archlinux community too well. Source

@stsquad told us to wait for Pennsylvania. The suspense is killing us. Source

@MunkyBone lives in such a rich country his money is made of gold! Source

@chris has been having lavish holidays while his co-workers try to keep things afloat. Source

@Ade is stunned we have a clock on the fence. It’d be a bit silly on the flag pole Ade! Source

@tig recommended some books to us: Can you get pictures with Audiobooks? Source

@Hyolobrika said the witches were against Trump. We don’t think they stand a chance against Trump’s crazy preacher. Source

@ghostdancer thinks Americans may well start shooting one-another: News lash, they’re always shooting one-another! Source

There are some conversations that were left out for obvious reasons.


@steevc said it ha cleared up. 😱 we think he was talking about the weather but who knows with those legs? Source

@ryo_6414 wanted to know the reason to bath under the waterfall; that man is clearly not at one with nature. Source

@MunkyBone is useless at monitoring the American election especially if he keeps sleeping all the time! Source

@HenningAnderss4 @t0ybits_ @AnthonyJ_89 @crimsonrednick @bernielockard USA Election

@snookatz thinks Trump is a Dean Martin kinda guy we think more like The Carpenters: ♫ ♪ “We’ve only just begun…..” ♬ ♩ Source

Hive Blockchain

@macchiata said he wanted a less bloated Linux Distro; Fedora is not for you my friend with those specs. Source

@steevc would have us go back to Token-ring networks. Source

@whatamidoing Wait? What? Hive doesn’t even have 25K of users? Source

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