A round-up of the weeks Social Media interactions. Some are funny, some you’ll need to read the conversation to understand the context.


Oy vey Jeremy! Jeremy Corbyn is suspended from the labour party and is effectively no longer Islington’s MP. Surprisingly we feel a bit sorry for him because it seems his only crime was being unaware it was that bad under his watch as PM and party leader. Thing is, Labour will dump all their nasties on him now. Gotta love the way Socialists turn on their own at the drop of a hat.



@basil thinks we spend too much on Raspberry Pi’s which is a bit rich from a man who spends all his cash on spray cans and permanent markers: TOX. Source

@randynose said he needs a switch in his basement, for a minute there we thought he meant switch Source

@stsquad looked up the rules on what could be sold in Wales. We would have been more impressed if he’d read the Welsh version. Source

@yrabbit impressed us with his in-depth knowledge of The IT Crowd version control. Source

@wyliecoyoteuk is planning on selling his new house quick before he has to by a replacement oven and hob. Source

@jamie has learnt the lesson all men learn eventually, anything for a quiet life. Source

@amerika said “Girls need new clothes,” tell us something we don’t know. Source

@csgeek is using Zoom. What for is what worries us! Source

@Sabex said our kitchen would smell of washing powder. We suppose it’s better than smelling of fry-ups. Source

@MunkyBone is sat in a tree waiting to shoot something. Source

@andyc is looking for Dan. “Dan! DAN! “DAN!” Source

@tig wonders if we popped round and painted “Unclean!” on the door. Source

@sergiotarxz is also sad nobody can physically attend FOSDEM this year. Source

@penguin42 thinks being human is more of a risk. We’re convinced it’s beards. Source

@fabsh is watching German videos on making Lego-based Panzers Source

@silkevicious threatened to meet us at FOSDEM 2022. Source

@tpheine said he believed in us: Thank the Pond Gods he didn’t start singing ♫ ♪ “I believe you can fly…..” ♬ ♩ Source


@Dirtygringo1234 said he saw nothing wrong with HF24 😱 Source

@GPujs had a bit more sense and agreed things could have gone better. Source

@chadmccullough said “Ha” clearly a man of few words. Source

@FreedmanAE said the new Xbox can be laid on its side: You have no idea how important that is to us. Source

@steevc sent us a big fish! Source

@mcnalu is just jealous that he doesn’t have any FOSDEM tokens. Source

@GreenJimll wonders if the Labour party will now split into two? It can split into a million pieces for us. Source

@ryo_6414 Is trying to make out he is poor when we asked him to take a ride on the Shiki-Shima: Pfft we’ve seen how much Hive he’s got! Source

Hive Blockchain

@diggndeeper.com wants a better booting. We’re pretty sure he means on a Raspberrypi and not the sort of service you can get at that special club on a Saturday night, not that we would know anything about that sort of thing. Source

@theycallmedan is living dangerously agreeing with us that there were some hiccups with HF24. You’ll upset all the faithful you know? Source

@bozz is doing his bit for society by creating a complete pig’s ear of cabling into a patch panel and then letting loose some pimply-faced youth to put it all right. Source

@stav has heard that there are microchips in the COVID vaccine so that we can all be controlled. Everyone knows it’s 5G messing with our brainwaves, tsk. Source

@grindle says the stove is very “Heath Robinson” Source

@fionasfavourites said “Bless you” we hope she hasn’t got a cold? Source

@steevc said he lost some photos on a drive. We all know what sort of photos too! Source

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