A round-up of the weeks Social Media interactions. Some are funny, some you’ll need to read the conversation to understand the context.


Every man-and-his-dog including that bloke on the allotment wants money from the government.



@tpheine said he heard us farting in our video. How rude! Source

@theru said we were a Butler. How rude! Source

@fabsh says he still does a weekly podcast, it’s hard work being famous. Source

@wyliecoyoteuk says he is eating Imperator Carrots, ALDI must have a new line in then? Source

@penguin42 cannot understand how it can be hard to use a webcam, this man has clearly never worked as first-line support or in the field. Source

@dekkzz78 wonders why a Sales Bod used for installation? We wondered that too! Source

@silkevicious said our new sofa was sprayed with some Russian toxin. The way things are these days it was probably made in Romania Source

@Ade has clearly been living under a rock as he didn’t know FOSDEM was virtual this year. Source

@stsquad said it would be easier to fix Robot Pete. That man is a complete bastard! Have nothing to do with him. Source

@tig is desperately trying to get out of our sales clutches by pretending he no longer has the ability to place orders. Our experience tells us EVERYONE is a potential sale. Source

@Luke is moving up in the world and looking at getting himself a Butler to serve him tea and cake. Source

@ghostdancer clearly knows his etiquette and raise his little pinky, we’re a tad concerned at the little thing he is referring to? Source

@basil thinks we know how to write code and scripts. ROTFLMAO Bwahahaha Source


@__dgh__ said he didn’t know what Hive was. TBH, we’re not sure either just lately with the constant Node failures. Source

@biglesp told us about the availability of the new Raspberry Pi Compute 4 Module. Source

@_Freakyclown_ sadly has an Android TV, and we thought he was intelligent? Source

@snookatz uses Gimp this makes her way above your paygrade unless you too use Gimp that is. Source

@steevc is clearly very very old as he knows who Bernard Cribbins is! Source

@boothrob is trying to find the easiest way to get his children’s homework, we set him some homework of his own setting up OneDrive download source and installing a separate browser. Source

@GreenJimll said we were very inciteful with regards to the problem of Cyclists on our roads. Source

@saintsman2000 demonstrated that it’s not Road Tax anymore but an environmental tax. we say, “A rose by any other name…..” Source

Hive Blockchain

@rickardoh was grateful for the mention. They’ve not seen the invoice yet! Source

@steevc is mesmerised by the pretty lights. Source

@thecontractor thanked us for our help. Source

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