A round-up of the weeks Social Media interactions. Some are funny, some you’ll need to read the conversation to understand the context.


America. In a bid to win the sympathy vote, Donald Trump contracts COVID so that he can prove to the nation he’s a survivor.



@wyliecoyoteuk is stroking a garden full of rabbits all named “Stumpy” after he goes into the “Lucky rabbit foot business” Source

@Hyolobrika complains that people think women do not commit crimes: As a former Taxi driver we can confirm ‘Women’ are the worst! “Ride for a ride driver?” Source

@hispa is digging their way to the escape key! Source

@silkevicious is convinced we use makeup! We do moisturise, to be honest. Source

@rogerggbr said to shake the dust off, clearly, this man is used to covering his tracks? Source

@EMPEROR either stated the obvious or was asking. (Shrug) Source

@andyc is either contemplating a murder or is planning to spend the afternoon in the public gallery so he can scream “YOU’RE GOING DOWN SON!” Source

@penguin42 is playing with fire by calling the owl at Castle Cannon a penguin. Source

@jamie thinks there might be a beer on offer from the court case. We’ve been promised the new Xbox which is a horrible offer as we now have to be on our best behaviour until the damn thing is purchased. Source

@basil thinks we’re going to blow the compensation on Geek porn. Source

@whistlewright is a brave man and admits to watching Grease the movie the other night! Source

@tpheine is playing the daily Internet game of waiting for someone to post something so that every-man-and-his-dog can kick the shit out the poster. Source

@stardot is considering making a Christmas dinner Lasagne style! 🤢 Source

@tig thinks the Lower Gornal LUG was not in the meeting place that doubles as a public toilet. Source

@ghostdancer is offering a smart arse free of charge! In fact, he’s willing to pay postage and packaging! Source


@GreenJimll likes our makeup brush idea. We suspect he has other usage ideas than ours though. Source

@biglesp says he has standards? Has he forgotten? We’ve known him for over fifteen years! Source

@drjessicabarker thanked us for offering to smear our body in Lemon juice. If you wanna know why you’ll have to read her book. Source

@HiveLift is checking what they’ve missed. Source

@MariaCA82394350 says Donny Trump won by voter suppression, we think there are darker forces at work that got him the job. Source

@sgerhart130 & @NathanMars7 told us that hivechat was in fact on Twitter. It’s lucky someone round here knows what’s going on! Source

@snookatz says we should just worry about ourselves which is a bit hard when you see others taking the pi… Source

@omgubuntu is living dangerously by revealing on Social Media that they agree with us. Making rash statements like that will lose them, four friends and 22 readers. LOL Source

@MethodDan is happy to take the blame for all the worlds catastrophes please send all submissions to PO Box 72735 Central Liverpool Nurses accommodation block. Source

@Multilanguman wants to tongue Wales! Source

@steevc has offered to delegate some Hive Power to anyone that uses our referral link, which is nice. Source

Hive Blockchain

@saxx1304 said we’d offered some helpful advice. Source

@fknmayhem gave us some tips for Working From Home. Source

@steevc said he did not set it with his home address, we all know its HMP Bedford anyway! Source

@kgakakillerg says that Barking is not far from them. We’re probably glad it’s a million miles from us now. Source

@ecency said we should use their website. We didn’t have the heart to tell them we have it installed on Ubuntu given they were trying to help. Source

@felt.buzz liked the humour. We can but try. Source

@bengy prefers rehabilitation, so do we. Source

@phusionphil is probably the first person we’ve spoken to who’s managed to get themselves off a Blacklist on Hive. Source

@rossfletcher is having issues with his Hive account just like we’ve had. Source

@klye pulled us into his Ponzi scheme. Source

We’ve not included everyone who took part in the two polls we ran mainly because the responses were automated.

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