A round-up of the weeks Social Media interactions. Some are funny, some you’ll need to read the conversation to understand the context.


Everyone is waiting for the much talked about Circuit Break, the government has asked COVID to “Just hang on a bit and we’ll have a lockdown in the school holidays when it won’t matter coz everyone usually books a holiday then anyway!”



@djsumdog refuses to watch Super Hero films unless it’s in a cinema! Source

@shit says Super Hero films are shit. We’re not big fans either. Source

@nigeldgreen was keeping cinemas viable by dragging his poor wife along a couple of times a month. Source

@jamie hasn’t been to the cinema since March, the withdrawal symptoms are etched on his face. Source

@wyliecoyoteuk is eating Game pies. We are singing ♫ ♪ “Who ate all the pies, who ate all the pies…..” ♬ ♩ Source

@Luke says that cinemas are for kids. Source

@tig sent us a reminder of the heady days of Staffs Lug. We don’t talk about North Staffs LUG, bunch of splitters! Source

@sullybiker looks far too young to know Sid James? Source

@penguin42 full of sympathy suggested we go on ebay and buy 20 broken Samsung Gear watches to fix our broken one. He’s all heart ain’t he? Source

@basil got expelled, surprised not. He got into a fight, surprised not. Caused grievous bodily harm, surprised not. His victim, however, is now very popular with the ladies with his reattached firmer tongue. Source

@silkevicious reminded us it was Thursday only because they want something. Some people, self, self, self. Source

@andyc is deliberately not logging out of profiles so as to elicit sadistic pleasure in watching his poor wife trying to find her watchlist on Netflix. Source

@tpheine is still desperate for TDTRS to come back. We can’t even keep up with this blog post let alone a podcast! Source


@forkyishere says we should never give up. Sometimes we feel like the Meme he posted, going round in circles. Source

@mcnalu is living dangerously and dodging Her Majestys Inspector of Taxes Source

@itsjustmarky is yet again made out to be the villain! Maybe changing his avatar to a cuddly Teddy Bear would improve his image? Source

@steevc thinks we are going to waste our winnings on sticky buns. Obviously, we are going to spend it on on gobstoppers in the hope we can get through at least one week without causing a tantrum. Source

@ryo_6414 has been waiting for HF24 we’ve been waiting to win the Euro Millions. Source

@Paranoid said our Google home was mining our data. We’re pretty sure Google would be slitting its wrist with our mundane utterings. Source

@GreenJimll was talking about fluffy singing dogs. We think he should leave those mushrooms on his allotment well alone! Source

@fknmayhem thinks we are “Clueless” and “Stupid” we’ve been called worse. Source

@snookatz rejoices that she can go back to that favourite female pastime, making men’s lives a misery. Source

@biglesp has been meeting our probation officer. Source

@Gadgetoid said we were right. That man is the most perceptive individual on the Internet. Source

Hive Blockchain

@stav is impressed with our lineage, sadly on our grandfather’s side, we’re all mongrels. Source

@kgakakillerg said they too had not been to Clacton for a long time, we went there back in the days when it was fun to drive with a Thermos flask and a layby. Source

@steevc is desperate for us to post about our socks. Source

@kbv.animalwelf said we should keep posting because they love dogs. Very strange that the Dogs Community is so quiet? Source

@arcange said “Thank you” Source

@rickardoh said they would try and do better in the future and actually read posts rather than just voting on the preview. Source

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