A round-up of the weeks Social Media interactions. Some are funny, some you’ll need to read the conversation to understand the context.


Back to school. With the government demanding children head back to the classroom useless lazy journalists are running around trying to find the first puking child so they can accuse the government of jumping the gun over COVID and a return to education.”



@jamie said “Me too” but we think he meant it’s Friday rather than the campaign because we’ve seen his avatar and he’s definitely a paper bag job. Source

@tomosaigon tried to explain Brave Browser to us but made the fatal mistake of not using finger paintings and Lego in the explanation. Source

@deezthugs told us how to adjust the settings in Brave Browser. Source

@timttmy and @silkevicious are complete swine for refusing to make our life easier when working with their PITA accounts. Source

@Grandtheftautism and @basil told us the word “Woke” has been floating around for weeks: Clearly, our timeline has a more sophisticated following. Source

@trregeagle said the thread was “….so woke”: We think they meant “Lame” Source

@stardot said the rich would find a way for the poor to pay: Seems only fair, there’s more of the poor than the rich. Source

@nitesparrow said Firefox wasn’t playing up for them when it came to Mastodon. Source

@penguin42 has been surprised at the Nightingale hospitals being built: Even a broken clock is right twice a day. Source

@andyc thinks restaurants are overpriced: Pukka pies and a larger is not exactly eating out. Source

@trashheap is playing “Fault Call” roulette. It’s either interesting or a descent into a world of pain. Source

@csgeek clearly knows little about women: Never let em near your social media. Source

@wyliecoyoteuk continues his daily hate of the Tory party. Source

@sullybiker Speed read our Hive post: We’re thinking of buying him War & Peace and testing him on random chapters. Source

@xvilo said “There’s no such thing as verified”: He must be pissed again because if you hover over the announcement tick it says :verified: Source


@TentaclesMedia had a massive long chat with us that went round in circles and ultimately got nowhere. A pretty average day on most social media if you ask us. Source

@NathanMars7 said we had a plan: doesn’t he know “No plan survives contact with the enemy? Source

@GreenJimll said “Touch what?” sadly we made a mistake and thought the sign meant an electrified fence. Source

@SPCoulson said “Morning squire” Lord or Your Highness would have been more appropriate in our opinion. Source

@steevc says he is running away from old age: It’s way WAY too late for that! Source

@jlufer wished us a splendid afternoon: Never mind the splendid, where’s our carrots and sack of spuds? Source

@belemo__ showed us where the mute button was: sadly, we’re still seeing the noise in our timeline. Source

@fabsh tried to deny his love for us so we produced photographic evidence. We have more! Mwahahaha. Source

@BoneheadUnkle says he loves Keychain: we’ve heard about his passion for chains and locks! Source

Hive Blockchain

@brittandjosie only sends her dogs to the groomers twice a year! We bet there’s a heck of a lot of air fresheners in her house? Source

@cam1lo said two words! Source

@the-bitcoin-dood has a Tea Cup poodle but was overruled when it came to naming it. We thought of Fiat–Fiona the money not the car. Source

@discoveringarni adores Charlie. Source

@steevc empathises with us being ‘used’ by so-called customers: we thing Steevc looks like just the man who would pull the same stunt! Source

@stav ponders that the binmen might be out to get us? Interestingly, they were pointing at our property yesterday. They emptied the bins so we don’t care. Source

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