A round-up of the weeks Social Media interactions. Some are funny, some you’ll need to read the conversation to understand the context.


Last night of the Proms. Tonight the UK will be singing ♫ ♪ “Rule Britannia” ♬ ♩ while sticking two fingers up to the Withdrawal Agreement.



@jamie was happy to make it two weeks on the trot or did he mean he had the trots for two weeks? Source

@andyc is now pitching his inclusion fame to his line manager who strangely is unimpressed. Clearly a change to more informed management is required at Andy’s place? Source

@MunkyBone is currently singing ♫ ♪ “We gotta get outta this place…” ♬ ♩ as WFH starts to bite. Source

@penguin42 is eating Jaffa Cakes. What a complete and utter bastard that man is! Source

@ghostdancer is speaking French in preparation for giving up his Spanish heritage, oh wait! What if he’s Catalonian? You know how techy they get about being called Spanish. Source

@tpheine still pines for The Dick Turpin Road Show Source

@stsquad is nuking his cache or is that cash? Source

@xvilo says he has no idea what’s happening: Tell us something we don’t know! Source

@randynose thinks he’s Saint Francis of Assisi and fills up all the water bowls in the neighbourhood. Source

@silkevicious says we should Trebuchet sweets to kids, more like Trebuchet the kids we say. Source

@stardot says he’s fighting fake news with fake news. We just think that’s fake. Source

@wyliecoyoteuk is either trying to recreate The Good Life or is now at such a subsistence level he’s having to ‘Grow his own’. Source

@Grandtheftautism wants his wife to wear a Ye Olde Farmers Smock. We dunno how these deviants get on Mastodon we really don’t. Source


@RealManniMan said still having Steem references on Hive was awkward. Source

@GreenJimll says he’s not firing blanks which for a man of his age is an achievement. Source

@KevanV thinks we’re Scrooge. Source

@mcnalu says he’s one of 1.1 Million people in Scotland not allowed to visit houses. He should never have been ‘visiting’ them at three in the morning while carrying a torch and a sack anyway! Source

@CHOCSCORPI says they vote on old stuff. We’re sure there’s lots of oldies you can vote on. Source

@antiphase is doing things with his sausage and yoghurt. Source

@biglesp is thinking about his mum passing away as are we. Source

@0x47DF is making a tinfoil sandwich. Now that’s how you explain ‘shielding’ to and ignoramus. Source

@shhmakers wonders if any Laptops survived a good clean with soapy water. Source

@HiveTrending told us there is a Hive wiki. It needs a lot of work if you ask us. Source

@drjessicabarker is going to get her book read to us by Kylie Minogue or is Jess going to read it to us in the style of Kylie Minogue? We should be so lucky, lucky, lucky, lucky. Source

@EnjarGames says we have to go out and dig for it sometimes. We say “Ain’t nobody got time for that!Source

@steevc says we need more honest opinion. Trouble is, nobody likes the truth, they all want touchy-feely fluffiness. Source

@HiveLift said once we have a 1000 tokens we can start doing stuff. A THOUSAND! Source

Hive Blockchain

@garybilbao asked us if we wanted to join some initiative to promote commenting. I replied and so far there’s no comment? Source

@themarkymark answered our questions on “Ask a Witness day” AKA Ask me Anything. TBH we’re not overly convinced with the “Not likely as they can easily be voted out” given none of them was ‘Voted Out’ on Steemit. Source

@phgnomo was glad to be using Ubuntu as an introduction to Linux (Psst, it’s not Linux, Linux is the kernel) Source

@priyanarc is a Stranger in a strange land, and there’s a lot of strange folk on Hive! Source

@jrcornel says it’s becoming par for the course to supply multiple forms of identification on the crypto exchanges including toenail clippings, nasal hair and your last deposit at the toilet. Source

@galenkp and @masummim50 thanked us for our Tweet. They’ve not seen the invoices yet! Source & Source

@steevc is a wimp! He drinks strength 4 coffee. “Get some strength 9 Americano down ya!” Source

@acidyo agreed with us on our Shoeing reply to a volatile post. Source

@misterengagement sent us some ENGAGEMENT tokens, we’re officially engaged. Source

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