A round-up of the weeks Social Media interactions. Some are funny, some you’ll need to read the conversation to understand the context.


Our thoughts are with the people of Beruit.



@penguin42 has complained to the BBC. ^5 Source

@whistlewright has had an Audible account for longer than us. Source

@jamie is stunned at our divisiveness. Source

@andyc isn’t going on a cruise any time soon. Source

@ghostdancer says there are drunken Discos in Spain, where do we book a flight? Source

@wyliecoyoteuk is staying in his own little bubble. Is he Patrick McGoohan? Source

@basil is watching drunks staggering home from pubs. Source

@nigeldgreen doesn’t want to eat food that looks like food. These Vegans are a funny lot. Source

@loweel says they [Vegans] are evil for calling a steak a steak. You said it baby. Source

@tpheine is drooling over ‘Dual LAN Ports’ Source

@antiphase explains why OpenVPN hates us. Source

@silkevicious says we have a problem: “We’re a social buyer we can give it any time, honest.” Source

@stardot thinks the death toll in Beruit might be lower because of Working From Home. He may have a point. Source



@Stuz719 can’t understand people going on Holiday in the current situation. Source

@mcnalu wonders if he can visit Scottish hotspots. You live there you silly haggis! Source

The Great Hive/Video/Vlogging debate


@BoneheadUnkle @ThePixiePost @Jon_G_Olson @Brad_Beaird @steevc @snookatz @igster101 @belemo__ @EnjarGames @EricWilsonLive @ph1103 @sgerhart130

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@freezombie hasn’t used his surprised face for so long he’s forgotten where he put it! Source

@CryptoAdam4 corrected us, Steemit has never deleted content. “Since when have facts got in the way of a good accusation”? Source

@BoneheadUnkle is having problems with his nodes. Source

@Multilanguman likes our Black Country weed Source

@BreugelMarike says things disappear on Discord. We just wish Discord would disappear! Source

@GreenJimll is the sort of lunatic who would use matches to hold bare wires in a power socket. We know, we’ve met him! Source

@spazhammer would rather electrocute his whole family and burn the house down that buy a proper power supply. Source

@ZoeAnavidV agrees we need reblogging with a comment. Source

jackieplage says there are always new levels of stupidity humans can sink to. Source P.S. Jackie is now on Hive, get over to her account and follow her coz we luv her!

@an0key is covering his webcam: We thought the judge said he was no longer allowed to do that? Source

@HivelistI said we have a great idea: Our genius is so rarely recognised! Source

@intrbiz told us to use Wireguard for VPN. Source

@Dimeilaz welcomed us aboard 3speak @3speakonline Source

@hiro_hive is using a 3rd party service to extract data on Hive related content from Twitter: Because we’re data freaks we love it! Source

@oAcido asked us for our account name. We are now waiting for a nuclear upvote within the next few days. LOL Source

Hive Blockchain

@steevc has worked in places where your phone has to be locked away: We’re not surprised given what’s on Steve’s phone! Source

@jacpl says her photography has lapsed. Hive is just the place to rekindle that interest. Source

@slobberchops reminisces about Old Spice and Brut aftershave. Sadly, no High Karate though. Ah, the good old days. Source

@unklebonehead says we inspired him to do a post. That’s all we ever want, to inspire folks. Source

@hiro-hive thanked us for our suggestions. We certainly hope so, they were made with the best of intentions. Source

@mehmetfix said Charlie was “Cute” clearly a man of few words? Source

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