A round-up of the weeks Social Media interactions. Some are funny, some you’ll need to read the conversation to understand the context.


Top marks for everyone now that Teachers are deciding what their students should get. No poor results for any Teacher when they themselves are assessed for their teaching standard later in the year then?



@parasurv told us how good Brave Browser is. Source

@icedquinn said that Brave Browser was just Chrome in “The Emporers new clothes” Source

@jaz sent us the awesome Rutger Hauer death speech from Blade Runner. Source

@wyliecoyoteuk knows far too much about gardening. Source

@tig Accussed us of: “2. perversely inclined to disagree or to do the opposite of what is expected or desired.” which is rich coming from a ponytailed busker pretending to work in IT. Source

@tpheine says we’ve been blocked on some instances: “Thank fook for that!” we say. Source

@ghostdancer says we look like a bird, knowing him it’s probably some type of tit? Source

@MunkyBone loafs around on a Futon all day. Source

@basil lost his rag with us: No change there then? Source

@jamie his daughter was down by a point on her exam results. Source

@nigeldgreen was appalled by the spelling of the graffiti artist: Goddam spelling Nazi Source

@solipsismic said bacon was a food group: Clearly a hospital is missing a patient? Source

@Dinoracha says his Autocorrect has a brain fart when it comes to the word “What’re” Source

@stardot wonders if the possibility of working on an EDF house makes the workers work better. Source

@penguin42 thinks we’re confused. Source

@smithy wonders if we ever got Pleroma installed properly? ROTFL, properly? How little they know us. Source


@tibfox hadn’t thought about Zoo’s conservatory work. Source

@BoneheadUnkle is worried about the IRS giving him a good going over. Source

@JacquesWhales wonders who Stephen Michael Kellat is. Source

@GreenJimll said Twitter had got used to our crossposting Source

@OZmasterCB said that there’s no censorship and then @MarkyHive was quoted explaining how Steemit Inc censored him. Source

@ThePixiePost says a lot of people don’t understand the importance of helping. Source

@tdobson is looking for an old BBC interview with himself. Source

@BoneheadUnkle sent us an animated gif that made us slightly sick in our mouth. Source

@hiro_hive says they are dropping down the rankings. We find this very hard to believe. Source

@craniumslows said they were happy for us in reaching 1000 Hive Power even though they have no idea what that is. Source

@Moeknows_poetry says that ‘unfollowing’ is just an adjustment in time or something like that? Source

@steevc has been sucking the dead. Source

@heeedt agrees @fabsh is probably 40 in real life. Source

@fabsh says he’s 37: Yeah, right. Source

@RealManniMan calmed our fears and told us @MarkyHive was nuking the bad guys and that’s why they hate him. Source

@freezombie agrees that the Postal Police is one agency too many. Source

@MarkyHive explained why all the low-lives hate him. Source

@biglesp said he was getting the fine china out: Things must be looking up since he started writing magazine articles. Source

@KevanV has stolen @fabsh’s tee shirt and is punting it out in China trying to get a sweatshop fake shirt deal organized. Source

If we missed you blame the 7 B’zillion Hive retweets and associated replies. Refunds are available in the normal way once your application has been received from the Unicorn.

Hive Blockchain

@underground said he’d read our story: We thought that had been buried? And who’s Dick Durban? Source

@slobberchops has trouble keeping a lid on it. Source

@stav says his binmen take anything. Oh, how we miss the days of watching sofas being crushed in dustcarts. Source

@revisesociology suggested we move to Ghana and employ child labour, stops them selling themselves on the streets we suppose? Source

@aixsp told us not to vote for @themarkymark we like Mark and have done for a few years so after seeking information on Twitter turns out this was just a push back against a downvote they’d received in the dim and distant past. After speaking with Mark he promptly downvoted them into oblivion which with our warped sense of humour we found hysterical. Source

@saxx1304 did that famous minimal response. Source

@galenkp thanked us for “Dropping by” which was nice. Source

@pommom recently lost a four-legged family member, we feel your pain. Source

@nathanmars let us know he was in the openhive.chat or as we like to call it: “Tumbleweed Alley” Source

@steevc says he’s a compulsive commentor. We believe the police call that Stalker? Source

@jacpl says “It must take you ages to produce this?” An artist will bleed for their audience. LOL Source

@citizensmith wishes people were more honest. Source

@tibfox says it’s nothing personal. Source

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