A round-up of the weeks Social Media interactions. Some are funny, some you’ll need to read the conversation to understand the context.


Waiting for Labour voters to accuse the Tory’s of putting the UK into a huge recession even though the Tory’s have been giving away money faster than Labour ever could.



@wuwei thinks we might be understating when we said “Tiny” Source

@jamie sent us congratulations. Source

@tpheine says it’s OK for men to cry. Source

@silkevicious wondered if we were getting married again? NEVER! Source

@stardot wondered if we were drunk? Source

@penguin42 discovered our cunning plan to get the Government to pay for half the Reception Family Meal. Source

@MunkyBone says we scrub up well. Source

@antiphase we’re still mystified by the Michael J Fox reference but Ant has beautiful skin so we’ll let him off. Source

@basil sent us a ‘snot bubble’ picture. Source

@ghostdancer is sending us Raspberry Pi Cluster porn. Source

@mjjzf says it’s the one occasion you’re allowed to blubb. Source

@beni has never heard of housing and land scams. Source

@andyc said a lot of people are idiots. Source

@wyliecoyoteuk reminds us that not every country has a Land Registry like majesty’s country does. Source


@Multilanguman wonders if the wedding venue is a family property. Source

@VK7HSE thinks we have to say the missus looks good. Source

@FeruzM says Ecency is Esteem in a different coat. Source

@steevc said we got lucky. Luck had nothing to do with it. Source

@tibfox says he is only going to post in German coz nobody who speaks English wants to talk to him. Source

@TraciYorkWriter wants an image repository set up on Hive. It’s not a terrible idea it’s just it’s already being done by others. Source

@xj74b8nw says Brave Browser is “Passive Income” Source

@NathanMars7 spawned a blog post on Hive for us. Source

@Moeknows_poetry told us about d.buzz Source

@ahmadmanga said they would be interested to see an embedded service. De we detect a smidgen of cynicism? Source

@FrankSEC42 has been putting 42 Tonne on his Ikea chipboard. Source

Hive Blockchain

@johneyreacko has the same sort of clients we do. Source

@marijocnt says our daughter knows us too well. Source

@jacpl regrets posting her pants widdling story on Facebook instead of Hive. Source

@slobberchops says we are like a Boomerang, we keep coming back. Or is that a bad penny? Source

@nathanmars subscribes to the “Circle of Trust” theory but Trust is a Chicken and Egg question. Reputation scores are a good indicator in our opinion. Source

@steevc wrote a great reply. we especially like “Keep complaining” Source

@pompe72 Monty Python – “Look at these shoes!” Source

@gooddream Puppy Love. Source

@unklebonehead says he’s good with being sent to Coventry. Source

@stav doesn’t let his wife see puppy videos. Source

@lilchillgirl isn’t used to puppy videos after just getting out of bed. Source

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