Everyone is looking forward to the news on Sunday morning as the UK recovers from punch-ups and massive hangovers when the pubs reopen after the COVID lockdown.


@Luke says that checkpoints are being built around Leicester Source

@wyliecoyoteuk told us 16 pubs are closing Source

@silkevicious asked us “What Happened?” Source

now has full sofa sleeping rights after saying his missus would be rubbish at phoning insurers. Source

@basil says George Orwell is the Socialist that even the Tories love. He’s right ya know. Source

@penguin42 cynically thinks Apple would stoop to selling you accessories at over-inflated prices? Source

@jamie said we forgot the £200 power supply. Source

@stardot is chasing sheep with a jar of mint sauce. Source

@mnw laments the excessive packaging in dispatched items. Source


@thecrytotrader  told us not to be shy and then gave us a present on Hive. Source

@NathanMars7 wants Zuckerburg to suck his data, at least that’s what we think he said? Source

@steevc is still on Steemit’s hit list as they censor his content. Source

@heeedt thinks we are teaching others how to maximise revenue. Source

Hive Blockchain

@bala41288 told us about his daily “Replies” statistics for users Source

@brittandjosie also has a dog named Charlie although we suspect he is not also known as “Thug” like ours is? Source

@luciannagy thanked us for Stepping by Source

@skyleap Our Hero ❤️ thanks us for choosing the right-hand robot. Source

@kgakakillerg told us that it was, in fact, an MGBGT Source

@thecrytotrader told us that even our rubbish post of a picture and a couple of lines of text was worthy of an upvote. We’re still not convinced? Source

@steevc agrees that sometimes “Writing stuff down” can be quicker even if you are sat in front of a computer! Source

@stav agrees with us that Hive is crying out for decent documentation in a central location. We say: “It’s all very well having multitudes of posts spread across the blockchain explaining stuff but a WIKI is far more efficient!” Source

@pompe72 said: “Community of what?” we have to agree, looking at how some are treated we often ask ourselves the same question. LOL Source

@klye sent us a video about Friday. Source

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