A round-up of the weeks Social Media interactions. Some are funny, some you’ll need to read the conversation to understand the context.


Next week employees will be trying to not go back to work until Wednesday so that they can all eat out in restaurants for 50% of the price while employers will be dragging them back to work for the £1000 a head government hand out.



is ecstatic that his castle owns a carpet cleaner. Source

@wyliecoyoteuk has an artistic daughter. We wonder if his house is full of paintings of bowls of fruit? Source

@tregeagle said “Overdue” we’re now worried what bill we haven’t paid? Source

@stsquad is talking about strawmen and outliers. is there a strawman lying outside then? 😉 Source

@penguin42 told us how Manchester local council controls the NHS, not the government. interesting. Source

@tpheine screamed BREXIT at us. Source

@mjjzf Told us about Gunboat diplomacy. Source

@MunkyBone is ordering leather sofas, we thought the judge said he wasn’t allowed near leather again? Source

@nigeldgreen schoolboy error “Signed, Nigel’s mum” Source

@xvilo thinks we will be surprised if we wear what we like to work. We think the surprise would be “No more work to worry about!” Source

@Alastair says our muesli is floor sweepings. Source


@sinderinister misses the Punch Magazine cartoons. Source

@hifromkatie seems to think post boxes are emptied every time a van passes? Source

@GreenJimll says that there are 30’000 priority post boxes. So where’s the ordinary post go? Source

@mcnalu has offered to send us some Scottish rain, this shouldn’t be a problem, they have lots of it! Source

Hive Blockchain

@steevc says “The customer is generally wrong.” Source

@stav is ‘The man in the middle’ shouldn’t that be Malcolm? Source

@joetunex is Keeping it simple. Source

@chekohler says our Bitcoin will be worth a fortune when the next “Halving” rolls out. Source

@macchiata is wearing a face mask. Source

@lilchillgirl Loves our Charlie. Source

@thecrytotrader thinks Charlie is adorable. Source

@teamuksupport told us that we needed 100 words if we wanted to be loved. Source

@brittandjosie offered to give us a recipe. Source

@bala41288 said, “That’s nice.” Source

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