With the news that countries such as Portugal will implement Air-Bridges in a desperate attempt to get UK citizens to visit we ask; “Surely Britain’s should spend their money in the UK to help Britain’s economy back on its feet rather than spending their money abroad?”


@djsumdog is scanning the skies for planes, or the second coming, one of the two? View Thread

@nigeldgreen is rubbish at playing “I Spy…..” View Thread

@whistlewright is every woman’s dream apparently with his ability to lick his eyebrows. View Thread

@jac is HOT! We already knew that. View Thread

@timttmy uses a hammer to crack a nut and attaches his Raspberry Pi 4 to an industrial strength air conditioner. View Thread

@theru thinks there’s space for more Pi’s: That man’s too dangerous for his own good. View Thread

@wyliecoyoteuk is building his own Dias so he can survey all he owns. View Thread

@11235 gave us some advice of deliveries from Amazon. View Thread

@ghostdancer is convinced we’re Charlie Brown. Is it the bald head? View Thread

@basil thinks we’re all Heinz 57. An uncle once had a dog he named Heinz 57. View Thread

@andyc as a good human being only takes and inch whereas far too many take a mile. View Thread

@penguin42 clearly eats far too many Vindaloo’s! View Thread

@tig thinks our mentor is Fagin and we should change Charlie’s name to “Oi! Bullseye!” View Thread 

@sergiotarxz1 gave us some excellent advice on blocking IP’s. View Thread

@silkevicious loves our tee shirt. We thought he loved us? Sniff View Thread

@mayhair advises that we will be crypto kings within in days! View Thread

@xvilo pointed out our complete garbage that cross-posting from WordPress results in. Crushed is not the word for it. Sniff View Thread

@MunkyBone accused us of having foot pr0n. View Thread

@jamie thinks our beloved Tory Government don’t know what they are doing. View Thread

@antiphase does a terrible impression of Hodor from Game of Thrones or is he talking about Glen? View Thread

@basil apparently Abraham Lincoln uses the internet. View Thread 2nd entry because it made us laugh for some time.

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@heeed tried to fob us off with a tent shaped like a Yurt. View Thread

@antiphase is cruelly planning to book us an appointment at the barbers when they open. View Thread

Stuz719 thinks the slums of Dickensian London are forced on people. View Thread

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Hive Blockchain

@steevc pointed out the terrible formatting on Hive of the post that cross-posted from our WordPress site. View Thread

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