As the lockdown eases and the nation tries to recover from three months of stagnation, Brits up and down the country are getting their priorities right and flocking to the beach and jetting off on holidays.


@joaopinheiro suggests we keep in touch with family via email. Source

has moved his family off Facebook and onto WhatsApp. Is that a solution? Source

is thinking about our inside leg. “Ooh err Missus!” Source

wants our sausage. “Ooh err Missus!” Source

@basil had 300 singing at his wedding, and that was just the choir! Source

says men do not produce enough useful juice. “Ooh err Missus!” Source

has noticed all the pooh bins have been removed. Source

@mnw is basking in the heatwave. Source

is thinking of going into the Lamborgini restoration trade. Source

Says lots of Lambo’s get totalled every day. :'( Source

There was a bit of spat with two individuals. We decided not to include them so that it didn’t cause things to flare up again.


@GreenJimll is planning to impersonate us when he goes to the pub. Source

@intrbiz doesn’t believe either story’s that more men die of Coronavirus: Men have antibodies to survive Coronavirus. Were not sure what his 3rd option is as the big words gave us a nose bleed. LOL Source

@an0key is picking up crap in the park although apparently not other people dog crap. Source

@KevanV says the train for Virgin Media has been cancelled. Source

@Multilanguman has been contaminating the lake by swimming in it. Source

@steevc has finally achieved being blacklisted by Steemit. Source

Hive Blockchain

@steevc wanted to be Pinky to our Brain but he failed the interview for not being stupid enough. “NEXT!” Source

@stav has finally realised that dealing with Cretins most days has made us the cuddly individual we are. Source

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