The statue of Christopher Columbus has been torn down and thrown in the lake in Virginia, beheaded in Boston and pulled down in Minnesota. Does this mean Americans, both white and black will be handing Turtle Island back to the Indian nations then?


@wyliecoyoteuk oppresses bald people with an article stating a higher risk of COVID for slapheads. View Thread

@penguin42 has a dog named Flash or something like that? View Thread

@tig thinks the wife should get a baby monitor to monitor us. Baby? View Thread

@MunkyBone tells us his wife opens the door at the most inappropriate times: “Put that box of tissues down!” View Thread

@basil is planning to go into the housing market and is putting a couple of properties on-line for hedgehogs. View Thread

@ghostdancer tells us about sailors and captains in a salty sea tale. View Thread

@nigelgreen is all for removing statues. View Thread

@jamie thinks we shouldn’t turn over historical stones. https://mastodon.ino.org.uk/@jamie/104316083315049317View Thread

@andyc has been throwing caution to the wind and hanging out in council refuse tips. View Thread

@JackTorrence insists that if something is in the repo then it’s in the release even if you do have to install it after the installation. https://mastodon.org.uk/@JackTorrence/104319725216525570View Thread

@stardot has a secret hoard of soon to be illicit DVD’s. View Thread

@whistlewright thinks we’re paid by the hour: These days you’re lucky if you’re paid at all! View Thread (link may not work)

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@munkybone incited us to riot over the “American making tea” video. View Thread

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Hive Blockchain

@stav agrees with us in that he too is totally mystified as to how the rewards and rankings are awarded on Hive View Thread

@cryptictruth is trying to move his assets from STEEM and become 100% Hive View Thread

@ssygmr thinks Charlie is “Sweet” we call him “Thug” because he beats us up of a night time. View Thread

@karinxxl thinks we are neutral on the whole Steemit vs Hive and people accounts being butchered. Our advice is “Always pick your own fights then you’ve only yourself to blame.” View Thread

@pompe72 gave us some great advice on Crypto even if we’re still fairly clueless. View Thread

@steevc as always is working hard to get us noticed on the Hive blockchain. View Thread

@liberosist thinks Hive is horribly broken. View Thread

@eeks says that the reason rewards on Steemit are high is because there’s nobody on there: Well that’s a result then, well stay on there for a bit. View Thread

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