Back in 2017, I joined Steemit, which is in effect a website that talks to the Steem Blockchain a Cryptocurrency. The idea is that when you write a blog and post it on Steemit, you earn crypto for posting and by people voting on what you wrote. You can also earn extra rewards by sharing other peoples blog posts, playing games, and joining mutual assistance groups. In a nutshell, the whole thing is like a Crypto mining enterprise the activity these blog posts created on the Blockchain produce coins. It’s not as simple as that, but that’s pretty close to the truth.  Initially, I put a lot of effort in; I wrote a fair amount of posts. I tried my best to make sure the content was ‘worthwhile’ rather than something puerile like a dog farting a rainbow. Sadly Steemit seemed to be not only infected with crap but amazingly more popular than worthwhile works that some people are doing!

One failing I would put my hand up to was that maybe I could have interacted with other users more the thing is, I don’t have the time to devote myself to one platform, and Steemit (And Hive) requires a user to put a good chunk of time in if they want to receive any worthwhile rewards. As I said earlier, it’s all about ‘Activity’ or as I like to call it “Shaking the tree.”

Because I didn’t shake the tree enough, my rewards were pretty low, as was my reputation. The thing is, given the Crypto I had earned which was effectively Free Money I suppose then I shouldn’t moan?

Justin Sun

I stepped away from Steemit and probably didn’t do a lot with it two months prior to the Justin Sun controversy. I don’t want to go over old ground but suffice to say this was bound to happen when you have money, all be it cryptocurrency, at stake. It’s pretty hysterical when you think about it because I see lots of Cryptocurrency speculators trying to lever an edge on their investments, making lots of noise on Social Media and platforms such as Steemit and PeakD on how coins such as Hive etc. are doing and then when a group comes along and says “That looks juicy, we’ll have a slice of that thank you very much.” people started chucking their toys out the pram.

Hello Hive

I joined Hive, or to be more precise, eSteem about a month ago it was jolly nice to see that the contents of my Steem wallet had been replicated on Hive so that at least I wasn’t starting all over again. I had some Steem SDB just under $20.00 to be precise and was advised to get an Ionomy account to start the process of transferring funds to my Hive wallet. As usual, you have to jump through hoops with this Crypto stuff you would have thought it would be simple enough just to transfer from one account to another but apparently I have to buy some BTC (Bitcoins) and then buy some Hive with the Bitcoins obviously losing bits of the coin along the way in commission fees.

I transferred 19.77200000 sbd to my ionomy Steem wallet but it didn’t arrive. Then Colin, in support, said that it was all their fault and that they were incredibly sorry and would try and get the poultry funds back. Given I have a FREEBIE account at ionomy I wasn’t holding my breath but to his credit, Colin was like a Rottweiller and stuck with it determined to recover the nineteen dollars. Of course, it wasn’t ionomy’s fault it was clearly mine! I’d sent SBD to the STEEM wallet, hadn’t I? No wonder the transfer failed. Colin, however, managed to locate the transaction and somehow arranged for it to drop into the SBD wallet.

What a hero Colin is!

One thing I’ve noticed with PeakD-nee-Hive is I don’t seem to be getting the trickle or rewards I’m still getting to this day on Steemit/Steem, for example, I logged onto my Steemit account this morning to see how my Powering Down was going and low and behold:
Claim rewards: 0.035 STEEM POWER
I don’t seem to be getting the same trickle on PeakD/Hive?


I’ve currently got a Sell Order outstanding to buy some BTC I’ve no idea if I done that right either as it’s been sat there a while? Let us hope I can get over the reaming hurdles and buy some Hive this side of Christmas, if I do, I’ll write a follow-up post to this one.

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