With the news that ‘Non-essential’ shops will open soon make sure you visit a toilet before queuing because with changing rooms closed guess where people will be trying things on?


@MunkyBone is going all posh with a dual flush toilet. With his diet a jet-wash would be more appropriate. View Thread

@basil must have once lived in an aquarium for that much water to be in a laptop. View Thread

@antiphase flew with easyjet once: Talk about being herded together. View Thread

@timttmy is living dangerously by ‘colouring in’ the wife’s new Owl statue. View Thread

@tpheine still misses The Dick Turpin Road Show whose last episode was 30th November 2016 View Thread

@randynose is dealing with dogs and laptops. View Thread

@stardot thinks the grounds of Castle Cannon are designed for the dog to poop one side and widdle on the other. View Thread

@tig is offering questionable sessions with various mammals starting at £5 an for 10 minutes. View Thread

@z428 is looking to be the sole source of all their Socila Media interactions, lets just hope they have a data farm to host it all? View Thread

@silkevicious thinks we are Jesus and can feed the 5000 whith our lunch. View Thread

@andyc I know that you know that I know (This so reminded me of “Dave’s dead” tdtrs) View Thread

@JackTorrence thinks our owl can deliver him some baps. View Thread

@jwildeboer thinks Google Plus was riddled with fake news, if it was, it wasn’t a mob rule environment like Twitter is in our opinion. View Thread

@penny sent us a link on hydroxychloroquine View Thread
@nigelgreen sells bungalows by the trolley load apparently. View Thread

@penguin42 was talking about our Percy. Ooh err Misses. View Thread

@Luke is living the dream drinking coffee while walking the dog. View Thread

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@MethodDan had yet another birthday. We don’t know if there was cake because we wasn’t invited to the virtual party. View Thread

@heeed says to watch the skies for a rocket. View Thread

@hifromkatie confirms we might have seen the space station. View Thread

@Multilanguman has been obeying the lock-down Swedish style. Ooh err Misses. View Thread

@stuz719 dosen’t believe Domonic Cummings and thinks he should hung, drawn and quartered for driving 200 mile. View Thread

@greenjimll thinks anyone with pampas grass is a swinger. The closest we get to fruity these days is “Bubb, rub my feet.” View Thread

@intrbiz is shocked that the Owl is not in fact a Penguin. View Thread

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Hive Blockchain

@kbv.animalwelf says Charlie looks like a good pal to have. They’re right, he’s always happy. View Thread

@steevc noticed our mistake by accidently publishing our template. “You just can’t get the staff these days.” View Thread

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