The nation breathes a sigh of relief with McDonald’s set to reopen next week.


@stsquad@mastodon.org.uk On-line portal has only just gone live for Furlough payments.
@penguin42@mastodon.org.uk  If the Government says DIY stores can open who are we to argue at the hundreds if not thousands of people gathering in a single location to buy pot plants.
@dekkzz78@ruby.social Thinks that CRM’s can replace salespeople. Umm? salespeople use CRM’s to generate sales not the other way round.
@tpheine@mstdn.io Thinks we’re into Latex. The English are supposedly into spanking but what actually flicks our switch is…………………….
@fabsh@fed.fab.industries is now Social Media distancing because he’s tired of the petty mindedness. We’re grateful he wrote his blog post, it made us resurrect our blog.
@basil@sarcasm.stream is Blacklisting people, probably not before they Blacklisted him first.
@jamie@mastodon.ino.org.uk agrees with Fab’s sentiments although he goes one step further and thinks some groups are worse than Twitter.
@mjjzf@mstdn.io just thinks Fab is a ‘Moral Outrage’ magpie. 🤣
@stardot@mastodon.org.uk likens the three main social networks as like drinking out of three dirty toilet bowls. 🤢
@MunkyBone@mastodon.org.uk is being asked to do stuff out of hours. It’s his own fault for being so good at those special services he provides.
@jwildeboer@social.wildeboer.net doesn’t want to blame China or the World Health Organisation for creating a worldwide death toll with COVID but rather wants to point the finger at the UK government for not having enough PPE stockpiled in a warehouse in Droitwich just in case there was a need who knows when. 🤦‍♂️
@ghostdancer@mastodon.sdf.org is appalled that we did not buy toilet rolls, flour, yeast and a newspaper from the supermarket.
@wyliecoyoteuk@mastodon.org.uk thinks Wine Gums are bad for us, heresy!


Sadly, the only reply so far has been from the ever-constant @steevc so here’s some notifications instead.