Does anyone remember Brexit?


@officialcjunior said good morning to Charlie, we got nadda. Thread Link
@wyliecoyoteuk thinks the grounds of Castle Cannon could do with a flower clock. Thread Link
@mjjzf says Google Meet is no different to Microsoft Teams. Thread Link
@andyc insults the food of the common people of London, Pie & Mash Thread Link
@Luke gave us one of those ‘Spitting coffee all over the screen’ moments “Ponce” Thread Link
@tpheine loves us but doesn’t want to touch our bottom. Thread Link
@ben told us about a guy who placed a $5K order and the app paid the supplier $20K nice work if you can get it. Thread Link
@basil stores wall moisture in his laptop. Thread Link
@antiphase took a flight once with easyjet, now the hackers have him in their sights. Thread Link
@nigeldgreen is selling bungalows by the trolley full Thread Link
@penguin42 is disappointed at the lack of cable spaghetti Thread Link
@dekkzz78 says he doesn’t get arsey, we’re not so sure. Thread Link

Thanks to @andyc for the suggestion of Bookmarking the replies.
That’s a sarcastic thanks, by the way, thanks for all the extra work! 😥

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@nealq thinks the Mrs’s “Clock clock” could be a sundial. Thread Link
@KevanV is on the same timescale as us. Thread Link

@_Freakyclown_ is being cautious especially when our Nick has dick in it.  Thread Link
@heeedt is giving his students some cross-platform guidance. Thread Link
@_CADawg Money money money, well, Crypto at any rate. Thread Link
@steevc no longer feels the love he used to feel for Steemit. Thread Link

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@steevc says dogs and children will have trouble readjusting after the lockdown. In our experience, dogs and children are trouble anyway. Thread Link
@thecrytotrader thinks the $5M Steem allegedly stolen from rebel witnesses could get returned. Thread Link
Was it actually stolen? Were the funds ‘parked’ while the Hard Fork was implemented? Is there really someone out there wearing an Anonymous mask and able to hack the Steemit accounts and steal the money back?

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