The government announces Furlough will be extended to October while people flock back to work and generally doing what they like.


@Luke@mastodon.sdf.org says nobody uses Diaspora. (That’s because it’s Dire.)
@penguin42@mastodon.org.uk has seen them chucked around Lyon.
@randynose@fosstodon.org is short of a printer.
@ggarron@masto.one wants a printer for home.
@ghostdancer@mastodon.sdf.org is mystified that all the printers have gone.
@tpheine@mstdn.io has a bigger printer than anyone else.
@jwildeboer@social.wildeboer.net is at 2000 Kilometres on his scooter, that’s not far enough some would say.
@mjjzf@mstdn.io wants to regulate eScooters.
@theru@pleroma-in.ouda.space called us a “Slacker!”
@ben@social.bfoliver.com thinks “Back to work” is a government ploy to blame employers.
@stsquad@mastodon.org.uk is saddened by the “You’re a grown-up: No, you’re a child” behaviour.
@MunkyBone@mastodon.org.uk is posting pictures of goddamn snow again!
@timttmy@the-pit.uk is a tad warm.
@silkevicious@bikeshed.party thinks we’re Steven Seagal and “Under Seige”
@basil@sarcasm.stream won’t let his Mrs near him with a pair of scissors.
@andyc@mastodon.sdf.org cannot understand that women would literally be prepared to die rather than have a bad hair day.
@dekkzz78@ruby.social checks stock levels, unlike us.
@dheadshot@mastodon.social says to get a 3A+ rather than a Zero.
@jamie@mastodon.ino.org.uk says to print out all the emails and post them to them. Are there enough trees on the planet for that?



Nobody loves us on Hive. That’s not strictly true, we’ve had some upvotes by people. To be fair it’s our fault, we’ve posted nothing really.