Fabian A. Scherschel posted on Mastodon that he was stepping back from social media and concentrating more on his blog which should in turn post to some if not all of his Social media accounts. It’s a reasonably long composition but does have some nuggets I have to agree with. Sadly, I think he might be right with his assessment of Fediverse users. I have to say; I see some of what he says in my timeline everything from folks being accused of Fascism to gender stereotyping. Unfortunately, the viciousness makes many people keep their mouths shut, which goes against the whole concept of Federated interaction. Fortunately, it rarely touches me; I seem to have a core of about ten people on Mastodon with maybe twenty or thirty watchers dipping in now and again, which suites me just fine. I’d rather have ten people I can muddle along with even if there is the odd falling out now and again rather than 20,000 followers I fall out with near enough every day.

Fab gave an example of how a social group should be and that there shouldn’t be any need for a Code of Conduct. For me, I have to say Codes of Conduct: What a crock of shite they are! As far as I’m concerned they’re used against people to make them conform to a small groups view of how people should behave while those promoting them break the Code of Conduct rules regularly as if they’re not bound by them. I’ve personally had three ‘episodes’ with people who have signed the Code of Conduct who have ended up showing their true colours. I believe if you’re a Code of Conduct exponent, then you should be held up to far more stringent adherence than us mear mortals. (Rant Over)

I’m glad Fab posted, it kicked me up my backside to dust off this blog. I’ve deleted some plugins, added the SteemPress to hive.io and will hopefully start blogging again.

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