Given we’re likely to have a General Election soon I’m considering forming my own party and so with that in mind I’ve roughed out some bare bones of a manifesto. Obviously, I need a catchy name but I can’t think of one for the minute.

[Some rousing preface]
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#Country Name
The titles United Kingdom and UK are to be abolished. This country is united and therefore does not need to reaffirm that statement in how it refers to itself and to the rest of the world or how the rest of the world refers to this country. From now on Great Britain, GB or The British Isles will be the correct form of address both internally and externally.

#Seat of Government
Given that there has long been animosity throughout Great Britain as to the government being based in the south, namely London, it is proposed we move the House of Commons to Calderstones near Whalley, Lancashire grid reference SD7232136671 this being listed as the centre of the British Isles excluding all islands other than Great Britain itself. This should irradicate the centuries-old complaints of the North/South divide. It should also be noted that a good proportion of the population of Great Britain was/is willing to cede authority to the European Union or more specifically the EU Parliament based in Brussels and so with that in mind there should be no complaints or resistance from those who profess to hold no value in sovereignty.

#The Royal Family
We would keep the institution of The Royal Family. However, we would investigate the option to scale back those members entitled to royal privileges and the privy purse. Titles will be limited to King, Queen, Prince and Princess. (See Titles) We would also investigate the options of Kings and Queens being voted into position rather than hereditary transfer of title. The head of state has an important part to play not only in Great Britain but also the world at Large (See Commonwealth) it is proposed to re-instate a Yacht, Train and Flight. These tools are of great value to this country not only in projecting an image but also in terms of providing our country with a physical place of work when dealing with other nations around the world. To ensure ‘value for money’ on these assets, the Yacht, Train and Plane will be made available to the Prime Minister, Foreign and Trade offices along with selected members of the Royal Family.

It is proposed we abolish titles: While this nation is steeped in history and tradition stretching back over two thousand years it is becoming increasingly obvious ‘Titles’ are an archaeon institution that no longer benefits the nation. Therefore we will abolish everything from Knighthoods (Sir) through to Dukes, including the titles of Lady and Dame. As stated before, there will only be the title of King, Queen, Prince and Princess.

#Medals & Awards
All references to the former British Empire will be either abolished or renamed, therefore, for example, OBE (Order of the British Empire) and MBE (Member of the British Empire)  will either be abolished or renamed to something like OBC (Order of the British Commonwealth) MBC (Member of the British Commonwealth)

#The Britsh Commonwealth
We will expand our involvement and commitment to the Commonwealth it will be raised to the level of a full partner in relation to the British isles. Commonwealth members will have favourable trade, passport and residential status with and within Great Britain. The Queen or King will remain The Head of the Commonwealth and will continue to encourage mutual assistance in all members growth and prosperity along with promoting membership around the world by entertaining and meeting foreign leaders aboard the various transportation tools provided by this country.

#Former United Kingdom
We will investigate the possibility of holding a LAST & FINAL referendum on the independence of Scotland and Wales. This nation as a whole is tired of the constant threat of self-determination raised by a small element of those areas of Britain’s politicians which we believe does not represent the wishes of all the inhabitants of Scotland and Wales. While we feel the titles of Scotland & Wales should remain as indicators of areas of this nation, we also believe there should be a level of self-governance. We feel that as a nation there is only one way forward and that is as a whole and therefore, should a referendum be held and should that decision be to remain part of Great Britain we would seek to implement legislation that would make any future proposal to implement ‘self-determination’ not only illegal but treasonable too!

#Northern Ireland
Ideally, we would be happy to see a united Ireland; however there is no evidence that the safety of Protestant or English residents of Northern Ireland will be assured in perpetuity. We have no desire to keep troops and security forces stationed in Northern Ireland; it is not about holding on to that territory with a military force it is a fact we have little to no choice but to protect those who would most surely come to harm if we withdrew that protection.

It has become obvious the whole legal system in this country needs overhauling from the Judges down to the Police officer. We will investigate where efficiencies can be improved, waste and poor service irradicated or corrected. We will also look at how appointments are made and also debate:”Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?” Who guards the guards. Does the government run the country or the courts?

#Armed forces
After years of cut backs, we feel that a strong navy to protect our seaborne trade is essential. We will also require additional vessels to meet our commitments with our Commonwealth partners and disaster relief aid around the world. Our Airforce will also require enhancement due to the increased need to protect our borders and transportation of military personal to locations around the world requiring our assistance. Finally, we will look at our ground forces levels to ensure we meet our current commitments and any potential operations that may arise.

We will look to break up the NHS. The core features such as Consultants, Doctors, nurses, porters and ancillary staff will remain National Health service as well as hospitals, theatres and surgeons however where possible services such as Xray, Ambulance, Catering, Physio, for example, will be privatised these services will be purchased by the NHS but under strict penalty contracts in the event of failure to meet agreed levels of service and staffing. We will mount an aggressive campaign to recruit more GP’s and build dedicated health centres with their own contingent of practice nurses and out patient services in an effort to relieve the pressure on hospitals. Waiting times to see family doctors is totally unacceptable. Any GP practice that does not provide reserved slots pre 9 am and after 5 pm for ‘working’ patients will be fined. No patient is to wait longer than two days to see a GP. We will also look at Dental patient services to see where improvements can be made for the patient.

#Welfare Services
Successive governments have tinkered with the British welfare system over the years; we propose to make definitive and long term changes to how help is awarded, implemented, managed and maintained or withdrawn. We will reintroduce ‘means testing’ which while that title has a stigma and abhorrence attached to it we will ensure that it is implemented in a humane and understanding manner and will be so designed as to ensure only those with no other recourse are accepted.

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