I watched American Factory on Netflix at Stupid-o’clock this morning https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m36QeKOJ2Fc

Some of the workers just don’t learn, do they? One was complaining that they used to earn $29 an hour with GM while currently earning $14 an hour with Fuyao. Maybe that’s why GM shut the factory in the first place?

My favourite was the woman fork truck driver; she was living in the basement of her sister’s house after losing just about everything when GM closed. She showed us her belongings, which consisted of a TV and a few clothes, she didn’t even own the bed she slept in! “I’m trying to work, I’m trying to get back to that middle-class lifestyle I once enjoyed, she said. Fuyao gave her a job driving forklift trucks, and after a while, she gets herself a nice apartment for $400 odd a month, and it looks like her life is improving but what does she do? Gets herself involved in trying to bring the Union into the factory which the Chinese don’t want so guess what happens? Yep, she loses her job. You would have thought she’s have kept her head down. I suppose she’s back in her sister’s basement now dreaming of how she can improve her situation? I did feel sorry for the guy who really tried to make friends with the Chinese and was sacked according to him because he wasn’t fast enough on the computer, but I suspect there was more to it than that?

I will say that the Chinese were pretty ruthless, a particularly chilling moment was when the chairman was looking at some newly installed robots and a manager said in Chinese: “We can cancel two workers here and four workers there.” as they passed by the poor American workers who were unaware they would be losing their jobs in a couple of weeks time.

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