Back in the day, when I was podcasting. I always wanted to find and talk about news items that I felt were important but knew my contemporaries would not be talking about these on their shows because it wasn’t technical enough or didn’t require the host to say “Linux” every thirty seconds.

Some of the stories that have caught my eye recently.

Senator Liz Warren in her bid to win the Presidency has vowed to break up the likes of Google and Amazon. If her “platform utilities” idea were implemented, those two giants would effectively be hamstrung overnight!

More attempts by the UK Government to “Nail Jello to the wall” by looking into setting up a Digital Authority. While its aim is pretty much along the same lines as Senator Warren (Earlier story) ultimately this is about attempting to control and legislate the Internet.

Never mind michrophones, is your Hard Drive listening to you?
Computer scientists Andrew Kwong, Wenyuan Xu, and Kevin Fu have written a paper describing how, under certain curcomstances, it is possible for you hard drive can record your voice through hardware vibration.

Flickr announces: ALL CC-licensed and public domain images on the platform will be protected and exempted from upload limits. Said images can be shared freely on the platform, probably much to the cionsternation of those who have paid for a Pro account.

Big Flickr Announcement: All CC-licensed images will be protected

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