Welcome to the extended version ofΒ  πˆπ“’𝐒 π…π‘πˆπƒπ€π˜! here we will try and expand on the mentions so there’s a bit more context. Also we will try and include Steemit stuff. There’s no Twitter or Facebook coz we’re not big fans of those two services. 🀣

πˆπ“’𝐒 π…π‘πˆπƒπ€π˜!
French club Nantes demand payment of the £15M transfer fee from Cardiff City for the now dead Emiliano Sala. ⚽

𝐈𝐍 πŽπ“π‡π„π‘ 𝐍𝐄𝐖𝐒:
@blinry is now legitimate with his VLC install having been given a VLC certificate at #FOSDEM2019. πŸ“œ
@lenzgr survived FOSDEM eating Falafel veggie wraps. πŸ₯™
@teknari owns up to writing code that’s already been written. ⌨️
@rpcutts is drinking tea beer. 🍺
@beni thinks he’s upset us but he hasn’t so long as he tells us which Swiss banks still have Nazi gold. 😒
@Maloki wished us luck. πŸ€
@andyc reminds us how avant-garde TINAP was. πŸŽ™οΈ






So we’re going to try and incorporate some of the stuff that happens on Steemit now that Cannon-Linux.co.uk can post to our Steemit account. If you want to get a mention on the πˆπ“’𝐒 π…π‘πˆπƒπ€π˜! Club then you’ll need to do either of two things:

  1. Give a reply to one of our posts on Steemit that stands out.
  2. Β Post something on Steemit that stands out.

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