I’m off to see the houses of Parliment on the 21st. Our (Conservative) MP Eddie Hughes who I have had some correspondence with, sent out a questionnaire with a final question asking if we would be interested in visiting The Commons. Apparently, he voted Against The Deal specifically on the Irish “Backstop”.

The Withdrawal Agreement fails on returning control of laws. An Irish backstop we can’t unilaterally walk away from, not only puts the Union in jeopardy but doesn’t return the powers to Westminster. We would be stuck in the EU taking rules, without the ability to walk away or shape them.

I kind of agree with him with regards ‘Taking back control‘, but personally I think we should find a way to cut Ireland some slack. I watched the DUP say that Parliment should not combine Brexit with The Good Friday Agreement, but I don’t see how that’s possible given the fragile peace that has, for the most part, been in place for the last 20 years. To be honest, this highlighs the whole crux of the problem with Brexit. EVERYONE wants their own personal desire met rather than the United Kingdom as a whole. I suspect if we make Ireland (NI) a special case Scotland will be up in arms demanding they too be given some special considerations.

Last night the UK finally voted on ‘The Deal’ while everyone predicted that it would be rejected and the government defeated. As I watched Theresa may, I was pretty impressed with her performance to the point were I naively began to think that maybe she could pull it off. As history will record, the government suffered the heaviest defeat in modern times losing by 432 to 202! Every MP who voted “No” stood up and relished in the defeat by overemphasising the scale of the loss, very few had anything constructive to say one MP used the “Point of Order” simply to spout his own trumpet even to the Speaker of the House’s consternation.

The final ignominy was that Jeremy Corbyn stood up, trying not to drop his papers and fumbling his words either from nervousness or shear disbelief at what he was about to say and called for a vote of “No Confidence” in the government. A shameful and cynical move given that Labour has demonstrated over and over again they too do not have any Brexit plan in place. Yes, they do have plans for a General Election, but they’re even more divided over Brexit than the Conservatives are! Watching the Labour front bench, the only example I can give, if they win, is it is like getting rid of all the senior officers including the captain of a ship and then getting the cleaners to run it.

As of writing this piece the debate, let alone the vote, has not started yet. What everyone forgets is that the Brexit negotiations are now on hold eating into the remaining 72 days while the politicians decide who is going to run the country, and lets just say the Conservatives lose, It’ll take at least a fortnight to arrange and hold a General Election, probably another week for Labour to sort itself out so we’d be looking at around the 50 days mark for a whole new team to try and sort this mess out. Seriously? Is that really what people want? Never mind their political allegiances, is that really what the UK public wants? Because if they do, they deserve all they get as far as I’m concerned.

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