Welcome to the exteneded version ofΒ  πˆπ“’𝐒 π…π‘πˆπƒπ€π˜! here we will try and expand on the mentions so there’s a bit more context. Also we will try and include Steemit stuff. There’s no Twitter or Facebook coz we’re not big fans of those two services. 🀣

πˆπ“’𝐒 π…π‘πˆπƒπ€π˜!
British Politics:
So unless you’ve been living under a rock you’ll know the UK is hurtling towards leaving the European Union and in typical British style there’s no actual plan in place, and so our Prime Minister thought it might be a good idea to get some sort of deal signed off. Now what you need to keep in mind about the British people is that everyone thinks they can do a better job than the next person but more importantly that they think their ideas are far better than yours so with that in mind we had a vote on The Deal to leave the EU and as you’ll find in life, everyone had an opinion, nobody likes what’s on offer, but nobody truly wants to solve the problem by modifying their own ideas.

“We don’t like what you’re doing!”
“No, no, we want you to run the country silly.” 🀨

𝐈𝐍 πŽπ“π‡π„π‘ 𝐍𝐄𝐖𝐒:
@stsquad responded to out Toot about fixing things at the weekend explaining they had put some shelves up. πŸ”¨
@yukiame We’re currently reading a book about Chernobyl, and so they reminded us Chernobyl still burns. ☒️
@stardot having put 15 years in so far at their employers they now feel like part of the furniture. βŒ›
@jamie with Labour blowing The deal out of the water we’re back to square one trying to find a deal that’s acceptable and Jamie thinks it will take a least a year to sort Brexit. πŸ‘‹
@angristan taught us a new thing “Sharding” which apparently is horizontal partitioning of data πŸ’Ύ
@moiety Tooted some cool emoji.
@nomand Tooted a nice picture of a retro computer. πŸ’»
@alpacaherder With the American Federal Government currently in meltdown he is enjoying being basically forced to work for free processing peoples tax rebates which is funny (If you’re a cruel swine like me) when you think about it. There he is, not getting paid and yet processing tax returns so that some people get some money. LOL πŸ†“





So we’re going to try and incorporate some of the stuff that happens on Steemit now that Cannon-Linux.co.uk can post to our Steemit account. If you want to get a mention on the πˆπ“’𝐒 π…π‘πˆπƒπ€π˜! Club then you’ll need to do either of two things:

  1. Give a reply to one of our posts on Steemit that stands out.
  2. Β Post something on Steemit that stands out.

@steevc Replied to our post Still Following about how we’re still getting followers on Google plus. He explains that he looked at a couple of alternative social media platforms but is more than happy with Steemit.

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