With the impending demise of Google Plus I’ve pretty much stopped posting on my account, personally, I can’t see the point of adding data to something that’s scheduled to shut-down in April? I had already scaled back on my involvement with Steam and so that only really left me with Mastodon. True I also have a Twitter and a Facebook account, but I’m not overly keen on either of them.

A lot of my contemporaries moved over to MeWe which is a terrible service imo. Well actually, that’s unfair, it’s probably not terrible just not what everyone seems to think it is. If anyone has used Discord, MeWe is basically a melting pot for numerous Discord channels. It’s actually an IM service rather than a blogging platform like Google Plus or Facebook (Or Steam) so anyone joining who expects a sane, step by step dialogue is going to be sorely disappointed. I found the avalanche posts overwhelming along with the bizarre UI. For example, each ‘Group’ you are in has the ability to be displayed in its own pop-up panel but you can only interact with each panel/group individually so if, for example, you wanted to say “Had a great Holiday” you’d have to type that out for each and every group you’re in. Now it gets better; there is a main posting panel on your homepage but that only posts to all your contacts so if you only have five or six ‘contacts’ it’s pretty pointless.

I have been posting (Tooting) more heavily on Mastodon but that has a character limit of 500, so it would seem I’m back to the old faithful WordPress for posting anything over 500 characters. I’m not sure how frequent I’ll post but expect to see this site slowly coming back to life again.

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  1. When all else fails, there’s always WordPress 😉

    I have recently shifted my own blog from being self-hosted to WordPress.com. I am still getting used to it, but have been pleasantly surprised by the discovery and conversation features that the built-uin Reader provides.

    Maybe 2019 will be the year that blogging makes a comeback. Probably not, though.

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