Gasp! Shock! I’m not going to OggCamp. As a loyal attendee, advocate and supporter of this fantastic Open Source, free, event for the past eight years I’ve decided to finally go to FOSDEM in 2018 and I can’t really afford to do both.

I’ll miss meeting up with friends and of course the opportunity to record an episode of The Dick Turpin Road Show which has kinda become an institution for a number of people within the community. I will also miss the kindness of the organisers who generously allowed myself to present the OggCamp Quiz along with Matthew Copperwaite, and to appear on The Panel on two separate occasions.

I wish everyone and especially the organisers the best for what will be an outstanding event. I shall watch from my computer screen with just a hint of sadness on my part.

I wonder if we can do a TDTRS FOSDEM? if Matt’s there? 😉


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