I have a cold, fortunately it’s not a bad cold (At the minute) and I’m a great believer in Beechams Powders. I spent the morning running around a couple of chemists only to discover they had sold out. The assistant in the second shop offered me some Beechams effervescent tablets, whatever they are? So out of desperation I bought those with a bank loan and an option on my kidneys in ten years time.

IMG_20140926_090945Now these things require water so once in the office, and by now with throbbing bonce and a nose ready to drop off I ripped open the packaging to be presented with a Steradent tube lookalike with what looked like a cap from some nuclear missile silo!

Given I wasn’t in the best of moods all Pete wanted to do was get one of these things down his throat but how the hell do you get into the damn thing? And this dear reader is where the problem lies with most things in containers these days. Why the hell are companies making things more and more difficult to get into? So after getting my glasses, reading the box, I discovered the procedure was “Push the slider on top of the tube forward thus breaking the plastic securing ring. Remove the ring and discard. Press the slider again and use the extended arm as a lever (Ideally with your other hand if you have one!) to prise out the stopper.” which I hasten to add is called a lid which hides the fact that this stopper replaces where at least another four tablets could be!

My point is Beechems are not the only ones these days that make you perform some sort of Professor Layton puzzle before you can get at the contents. My mouth wash requires skilful squeezing with the dexterity of a nipple massage to persuade the cap to come off . I bought some “Sure for men” deodorant the other day with some funky space age looking top  that requires the unlock ring to be engaged before you can spray your armpit with white powder.

Please! Can we go back to the old days with simple screw tops or foil lids that do not require the skills of some TV game show.

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