BuwgqPdCQAAlDvOSo some more bits have arrived for #FrankenPi First up, we have the Samsung Multi Charging Cable for Galaxy S5. It’s basically a USB cable but with three Micro USB ends. This will allow me to power three Pi’s from one source rather than three power bricks, as it’ s a cable the ‘juice’ output will be whatever you chuck down it.

Bu083PGCUAACJ4_Also the Plugable USB 2.0 7 Port Hub and BC 1.2 Fast Charger with 60 Watt Power Adapter arrived this morning.  It was not originally my intention to power the Pi’s off the Hub, that is until I came across this piece of kit. Now a few people have questioned the power output which tbh is all Voodoo to me however the tec specs say the following: The supplied power adapter delivers 10A of available current across all USB ports which leaves us 500mA short (7 * 1.5A = 10.5A). I read that to mean “The more you plug in the less juice” unless it’s managed in some way so that each port only gets 1.5A? At the end of the day the Hub was going to be for the Pi’s to communicate with a 2.5 external drive anyway.

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